What does it take to become a Cognitive Business?


A wise man, Vijay Vijayasankar once told me, there is a simple acronym to help remember and comprehend Cognitive Computing! And yes, that’s URL, which understands for:


So if you have a system whereby it can “URL”, then you’ve got yourself a cognitive system/business, brilliant! Well, not quite, as Vijay would tell you himself, you really have some work to do to become a real cognitive business.


1-   Cognitive Strategy

Use the diagram below to start paving your ways in moving towards the right cognitive strategy.


2–   Data Foundation

Collect the right data, internal and external, structured and unstructured, partners’, vendors’ and competitors’, news sites, social media, employee enterprise social networks, Patenting DB’s, Licensing experts amongst others. Be imaginative!

3-   The Right Platform and API’s

Choose the right cloud platform (public, private, hybrid) for your industry and needs and be selective about the API’s you use, they can get pretty expensive!

4-   IT Readiness

Figure out if you are “infrastructure-ready”. Cognitive workloads can get very heavy!

5-   Choose the right methodology

Be agile and nimble. Fail if you must but fail fast and learn even faster. See my blog on Design Thinking and Cognitive projects.

6-   Be Secure, be safe

As cognitive computing finds its way into homes, cars, roads, buildings, supply chain, Banking transactions, airports etc., Securing every cognitive transaction becomes a must and not a nice to have.

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