Measuring your Employee Morale effectively with Advanced Analytics

Have you ever taken a yearly employee engagement survey where you respond to a number of questions “anonymously”? Many fortune 500 companies are realizing the yearly employee surveys are necessary but not enough when it comes to measuring employee morale.


Attrition rate is at it’s highest rate for decades and employers are struggling to retain good talent. According to Gallup, global employee engagement is at 13% only. This means the rest are either on auto-pilot or just dread coming to work!attrates

The role of Analytics By applying sentiments and emotions analytics, HR managers could tap into the enterprise social networks (ESN) to find out why their employees are unhappy based on specific demographics. With Yammer being a successful social tool we have built a one of a kind solution using the great cognitive powers of IBM Watson and and Microsoft Power BI.

A large global retail client has tried our solution with great success where the corporate took action to increase employee productivity.A large insurance company managed to decrease their attrition by 12% by simply knowing the Next Best Action when it comes to employee morale.

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